Text Message:

( Once you have a Keyword created and assigned to a Contact Record )
This is the most used module in the system, the module that sends out the text messages.

Text Messages can be sent from your User Console and your Smartphone/Tablet if setup as a ‘Registered Number’.

Basic Usage:

You want to send a simple message out to one of your opt-in lists, so you click on the Text Message Module in the User Console.

Text Message Module
Type in your new message or select a Message Template and make a few edits.

Select one or more Opt-In Lists to receive your message. You can also check the box to have this text message posted on Facebook and Twitter ( Twitter messages limited to 140 characters ).

Now your choice is to send the message out immediately or to schedule it for a later date or time. You have the option to create recurring messages and set them to ongoing, meaning that it will happen every day, week or month until you cancel it.

Below is a screenshot of the Text Message Screen. Additional detailed instructions on each section of the Text Message Module can be found in the tabs under the screenshot.

Text Message - 01

3 Simple Steps To Sending A Text Message

First Step: – Insert a Message

The Text Message Module gives you two main ways to create the message:

  • Type It In Manually
  • Use one of the User-Created Templates

Most of the time you will type in or copy in your message text, but if you have a message that you send frequently then you should consider using a Template.

Creating a Template is easy.

But first, let’s create the Text Message.
Type or copy the text you want to send to your list in the box below the instruction: ‘Insert your text message here:’

Text Message - 02
Merge Tags

To the right is a graphic representing a cell phone that will show you what your message may look like. Below that graphic is the character count of the message your typing

Once you have finished entering your message, you can create a template by entering a name for your new template in the field: New Template Name

Click the ‘Save as new’ button and your text is now saved and can be recalled in the future. This helps you to have a consist format to your messages if you have others also using the system.

If you have captured additional Meta Data from your list members, you can use the Merge Tags in your messages.

Check out the graphic:

Merge Tags

If you don’t have one of the Merge Tags filled out in the list member’s record, then the space will be blank.

Below the Merge Tags for Participants box is an explanation of merge tags, which are codes you can put in the message so that when, for instance, you’d like to address the mobile user by their first name, you’d type the tag ‘%FNAME%’ where you’d like their first name to appear.
To the right is a reference table describing each of the different tags. If you do not have the information that corresponds with a merge tag that you’ve indicated in the message, nothing will appear.

The URL field accepts your long URL Links and converts them into a much shorter version to help reduce your overall character count. Then it inserts the short URL into your message.

Next: Message Destination

( See Text Messages and Credits Tab to understand how credits and messages work )

Message Destination:

Once you have your message text created and ready to go, you need to select one or more member lists that will receive the message. If a list member is on more than one list and you are sending a text blast to multiple lists, that member will still only get a single message and one Mobile Coupon.

Text Message - 03

Now if a list member is on multiple lists and each list received a separate text blast, then this list member will get all messages sent to the lists they are a member of.

Only in the case of the same message being sent to multiple lists, that the list member who is on multiple lists will still get one copy of the message. Saves on credits and prevents spamming.

Check the opt-in lists you want to send your message to by clicking on the checkbox next to the list name.

The ‘Add Number’ field allows you to send your text message to a cell/smartphone that is not a member of any of your lists. Don’t forget to use your Area Code and Number even if the number is local to you.

TIP: Before you send out your text message to hundreds (even thousands) of list members, send it to your cellphone first as a test to make sure everything is right.

You would hate to send out a misspelled or bad URL link to hundreds only to correct it and have to send it again using twice the number of credits. It’s better to burn 2 or 3 credits to get it right before you send out to the masses.

Remember that some of you are doing this on a smartphone or tablet and you know how they like to correct our spelling so be sure and test.

Now know that when you send a message, test or not, everything will reset once you send the message.

So what I do is:

  • Create the text message
  • Save as a Template
  • Send it to my phone
  • Reload the message template
  • Make any changes and re-save the text message
  • Do a final test and send the text to my phone again.
  • If correct then reload the template and select the opt-in lists to send to
  • Send Now or Schedule the Task
  • You’re Done!

You can have the system post to Facebook or Twitter each time you send out a text blast. the only limitation is with Twitter, the text has to be 140 characters or less. Facebook can handle any text message the system puts out up to the max 450 characters.

If either of your accounts is not yet connected to your advertiser account, there will be a link to ‘Connect’. Click it and a pop-up window will prompt you to log in to your account and authorize that our platform has access to your page to post text message and coupon updates. You will be able to check ‘Post to my Facebook wall’ and ‘Post to my Twitter’ when you have clicked to connect for each.

NEXT: Send Message

( Click the link for more info on Text Messages & Credits )

Final Step: – Send Method

Now you are ready to send out your text blast. The two choices you have are:

  • Send Now
  • Scheduled Send

If you are ready and want to send now, click the ‘Send’ button at the bottom-right of the Text Message window.

You will get a dialog box asking you to confirm that you want to send the text blast with the count of list members that you will be sending your text message to.

Text Message - 04
Send Dialog

The dialog boxes look the same but have different text depending on if you are sending now or scheduling the task for later.


So click ‘Send’ and you will get the Dialog on the left. Select and setup a Scheduled Send’ and you will see the Dialog on the right.

Scheduled Tasks:

If you look at the Send Method section, you can see that you can schedule the text blast for any day at any time.

Enter your choice of dates, months, year and time of day.

You also have the option of setting this scheduled task as a recurring tasks so that it repeats forever ( ‘Ongoing’ check box) until you set an end date ( End On: field ) or you stop it manually.

From The System Knowledgebase:

If you select ‘Scheduled’, the above boxes will show so that you may enter in the date and time that you would like to send out the message. Click the ‘…’ button if you would like to be taken to a calendar view to select the date. Messages will be sent out according to the time zone of your administrator account’s settings. You can change your advertiser account’s time-zone in the ‘Edit Profile’ section of your dashboard, under the ‘My Account’ column.

Click “Recurring” to select when you want your message to send, as well as when it should end. Select the box next to “Ongoing” to have no end date to your message being sent out.

Lastly, once you click the ‘Send’ button at the bottom, it will ask you to confirm. Make sure that you are sending the message to the proper opt-in list and that the scheduled time is correct before you click to confirm.

The ‘Audience’ button is for advanced list member tracking and is discussed elsewhere on this site.

Text Msg & Credits:

This seems to be the confusing part to some new users.

Here is the bottom line: One 160 Character or less Message or Page = 1 Credit

Said in another way, One Message or Page ( 1 to 160 Characters ) = One Credit

Character Count is defined this way in the System Knowledge Base:

Character count is how many letters, numbers etc are in your message. Watch the character count. Once you go over 160 characters, say for example 180, that will count as TWO credits.

Now you may notice that under the graphic you see: ‘( Limited to 450 )’
This means you can send out 3 message pages at one time up to 450 characters.

Sending out messages to your list(s) is sometimes called a ‘Blast’

To be accurate, 450 characters is 30 characters short of 3 full pages (160 + 160 + 130 = 450) but that is the system limit to each list member during one text blast.

(NOTE– In Canada, the limit is 140 characters per credit!)

So if you were to send out the phrase ‘Hello Everybody!” to a list that has 100 people on it, you would use 100 credits.
100 list members received one message each = 100 Credits.

If you sent out a 180 character message (which is a TWO Page Message) to the 100 member list, you would use 200 credits.

Two Page Message = 160 characters is one page plus the additional 20 characters make up the second page.

Two Page Message to One List Member = 2 Credits  –  Two Page Message to 100 List Members = 200 Credits

While you are entering your text message, the character count under the cellphone graphic keeps you up to date so you can adjust and tailor your message to fit the number of characters and message pages you want to send out.


The best way to save on credits but send out detailed messages (with graphics) by including links to Landing Pages with full color pictures, maps, forms and of course formatted text.

The basic routine is to create the Landing Pagewith all the information (Mobile Flyer), then copy the link from the module window and paste it into the URL field to shorten it and add it to your one page message.

Landing pages can also be retrieved using a Keyword. See the section on Landing Pages for more info

Cell Character Count 2
Scheduled Tasks List

Once confirmed, if your message is scheduled, you can view the status of the message in the ‘Scheduled Tasks’ section in the Advertiser dashboard, located under the ‘Manage’ column.

As you can see above, the Scheduled Tasks area allows you to view, cancel, edit, and delete items that you have scheduled to be sent out in the future. Once the item successfully sends, it will no longer be in this section. The tabs allow you to view the items based on their type: the first tab is messages/coupons, then questionnaires, then polls, and last is mobile web pages. If you press ‘Cancel’ in the Action column, the status will change to ‘Cancelled’ and you have the option then to ‘Activate’ the coupon

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