Full Responsive Website:

The account comes with one Full Responsive Website and Builder. You can choose to build pages for Mobile Phones or for all size devices.

Additional Websites can be added for and additional $10.00/month each.

Because learning to use Website Builders can be a lengthy process but actually building a website for mobile is really easy.

Some things are better learned via video, so here is a video from the Mobile Services Group:


And here is the link to the Vimeo Channel for Mobile Services Group, they created the Website Builder that we licensed and added to your account. They also have 35 videos on their channel showing you how to use the Web Builder.: https://vimeo.com/user13433442

Mobile Website - 01b

The above screen is the Main Menu for the Website Builder. As you can see you have plenty to work with. But like anything else along these lines, you don’t have to use all of the features all of the time.

You will spend most of your time in the Pages Section of the builder. The videos listed above will help you get started and show you some new and hidden features that will make your website the best.

From The Top:

SETTINGS:  Edit Website Settings here. Create your sub-domain name, add an external domain, Enable 301 Redirect. You can associate a Favicon, add your company name and create a site map.

PAGES:  List of the Web Pages that you have created.

REDIRECT INFO:  Instructions and code for redirecting another website’s traffic to this site if the browser requesting this page is on a phone or tablet.

CUSTOM DOMAIN:  Instructions for setting up your Custom Domain.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS:  If you want to enable tracking your site visitor traffic, here is where you would put your Google Account number (starts with “UA-“)

SITE FOOTER AND HEADER:  Enter HTML in the <HEAD> tag and right after the </BODY> tag to add your custom Header and Footer.

UPLOADED FILES:  Upload files and create links for you to use on this site or any website.

LOCALIZATION:  Here you can set the Language, Country of Origin and Text Direction.

DOWNLOAD SITE:  Clicking here will download the website’s HTML and Javascript code.

M-COMMERCE:  Connect your Paypal account to the website allowing you to sell products and accept Credit Cards and Paypal.

GEOLOCATION / STORES:  Allows you to create tracking id’s for multiple locations if your business has many locations.

EVENTS:  Setup your EventBrite Integration adding event calendars and other tools to your website.

FACEBOOKBUZZ:  Create a Facebook “Like Gate”, a web visitor would have to Like the article on Facebook to get access to whatever you have to offer the visitor.

PAGE TEMPLATES:  The web builer allows you to convert web pages you create into Page Templates. That way, you don’t duplicate your effort. This also helps to make sure interns follow the format if they are working on the website.

BLOG:  Creates a Blog on you sub-domain.  Enter your chosen Username, Password and Email.

STATS / REPORTS:  Provides Statistics about your website. Shows you your Page Views, Site Visitors and other data.

LEADS / CONTACTS:  If you place forms on your pages for people to fill out with their data, this is where you would retrieve your data.

MOBILE EMULATOR:  This is a web based emulator so you can see what your site looks like on a phone.

Mobile Website - 02

The above graphic show you the Pages screen. This is where you can Review, open the Page Editor, Generate a QR Code or Delete the page.

it also shows you a pie chart of the types of phones that visited this page.

Mobile Website - 03

Here is the Web Page Editor. The Widgets column holds all of tools needed to build the page.

The Builder column is where you drag the Widgets to build the page. You basically build the page a row at a time from the top – down.

Each widget represents a row. You should see in the above graphic that there are same named items in both the Widgets and Builder columns.

The wrench icon is the editor for that widget. Text opens a text editor, Picture opens a text editor, etc.

The Preview column is where you can view your website as you’re building it.

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