Mobile Coupons:

We have the best Mobile Coupons and in just a few minutes, you will see why. Our Mobile Coupons can be designed to provide Single-Use or Shared Use.

And our Mobile Coupons also help you to add members to your list.

Mobile Coupon - 06

As you can see, you can create a coupon with a full color graphic on top ( 420px x 200px ) and formatted text below or you can gain access to the whole coupon surface and create your own coupon ( 420px x 360px ).

Lets see how easy it is to create and include Mobile Coupons with your text blasts…

Mobile Coupon - 01

When you click on the Mobile Coupon Module button you get the above screen. This screen lists all of the Mobile Coupons that you have created. If your screen is blank then lets start creating a Mobile Coupons!

But first, lets take a look at the screen and describe the various fields in the grid.

SEND: Lets you send the Mobile Coupon to a Member List. This way you can send out coupons without using a text message to do it.

NAME: Is the name you gave the Mobile Coupon.

PRODUCT: The product or service that you are promoting in this coupon.

ID/PREVIEW: Coupon ID Number and if you hover over this number, you will see a preview of the coupon.

START DATE: The starting date when the coupon is valid.

EXPIRATION: The ending date or expiration date of the coupon.

SHARING: Clicking on this link will open a Coupon Sharing Information window with links and code to embed your coupon in the Premium Web Builder in this account or on any other website or blog pages. Expand your reach with a little help from your web friends.

Coupon Sharing Information

COPY: This allows you to copy a coupon, make some tweaks to it and save yourself the time to recreate it totally from scratch.

EDIT: Allows you to edit the Mobile Coupon

DELETE: Deletes the Mobile Coupon

Across the top of the screen to the right is a Coupon ID field that allows you to copy Mobile Coupons from other account holders or me!

Company Branches link at the top right is for businesses that have multiple stores. You can setup and track which stores are doing the best with any of your promotions.

You may have noticed the Tabs at the top of the screen. Active – Pending – Expired

Your Mobile Coupons will be listed under one of these tabs depending on the current state of the coupon.

ACTIVE: Mobile Coupons that are currently valid.

PENDING: Mobile Coupons that are prepared and set to become active on a future date.

EXPIRED: Mobile Coupons that have expired.

Mobile Coupon - 02

After clicking on ‘Create New’ or ‘Edit’ you will arrive at the above screen.

Welcome to the Mobile Coupon Wizard!

The Mobile Coupon Wizard gives you plenty of control over the creation process. You can upload a graphic, use the built in gallery of photos or create your own and control 85% of the coupon’s surface art.

Mobile Coupon - 02b

Here is where you can choose the type of Mobile Coupon you want to create.
Template Coupon or Image Coupon. We will look at the Template Coupon first.

Start by entering a name for the coupon in the ‘Coupon Name:’ field. ( Clicking on the ‘ ? ‘ will show you help of that item )

Using a Template coupon gives you the option of adding a picture of your own ( 420 x 200 ) or choose one from our built in gallery of Food, Service and other photos by clicking on the ‘Select From Gallery’ link.

If you wanted to create the graphic on your own and control the layout, then you would choose ‘Image Coupon’ at the top of the screen.

Mobile Coupon - 02c You should also see that now you have more space for your graphic (420 x 360 ) and have control of of all but the pricing strip at the bottom of the coupon.

You can select which image you would like yo use. Click browse to find your file on your computer. Once you choose your image, the picture should automatically upload and appear on your coupon preview to the right. If you have no image, you can click on “Select From Gallery” to browse our gallery of thumbnail images.

Here are two graphics that show what the starting coupon previews look like depending on if you use the wizard or create your own. Mobile Coupon - 02dThe one on the left was created with the Coupon Wizard and the one on the right is blank waiting on your custom graphics.


Now lets move down to the Product / Service Section:

Mobile Coupon - 02e

On Wizard created coupons, enter the product or service name in the ‘Product Name’ field. This text is the first line on the coupon below the graphic, is bold and aprox 27 characters long.

The next line of text on the coupon is the sub title or catch phrase and that goes into the ‘SubTitle’ field. Below the fields for Product Name and Subtitle are the color selectors for the two lines of text.

You can click on the select link and choose a color or enter the hex numbers in the fields Title Color: and Subtitle Color:.

Mobile Coupon - 02f

At the bottom of the coupon, you have room to add the Price, Discount Price and Expiration Date. The auto extend feature can be set in advance or after the coupon expires if you wanted to extend the life of the coupon by a day, week or month.

We are not done yet! Mobile Coupon - 02gYou can add a Call Now button, Web Link, you can Enable Sharing and pick the opt-in list for the people that have a shared copy of the coupon.

If you share a Mobile Coupon with someone that is not a list member, then they will have to join your list BEFORE they can use the coupon. This is why you choose an Opt-in list, for your shared coupon users to join.

Forward to URL field is used to send the Mobile Coupon user to another website once they redeem the coupon.

Use some or all of the features provided by our Mobile Coupons to make your promotion a success.

Mobile Coupon - 03

Now we need to do a bit of admin stuff to make sure you are covered and avoid confrontations.

Add your businesses address and the all important Terms and Conditions for this Mobile Coupon.

Our Mobile Coupon features scannable Barcodes in multiple formats and the ability to create a promotional code in place of a barcode.

Then, choose a barcode type. This barcode can be scanned into the business’ point of sale system so that once scanned during the transaction, the system will automatically apply the discount. These barcodes can be scanned directly from the customer’s phone. If the business doesn’t use barcodes, you can select the last option ‘Promotion Code’. Enter a number for the code, this number can be anything you want and is used when for instance, the barcode cannot be scanned.

You can input the address of where the coupon needs to be redeemed. Also, specify your terms and conditions. You could enter in something like ‘Offer only valid until 12/31/2012 and with purchases over $20.00.’ Indicate the address and telephone number of the business in the following field to assure that the customer where to redeem the coupon.

You can set the coupon to notify you a preset number of days before it expires.

Advance Redemption

Branch Code Required:
This is for advanced users. If you have multiple stores or locations, you can track which one is doing the most business using the coupon.

Enable SMS Redemption:
Check this box if you would like to allow your customers to redeem their coupons via text. If you do not select this option, your customers will receive a link that they will need to click on. If they do not have a cell phone with internet access, they will not be able to redeem your offer this way.
This option is not available together with Branch code required or with QR Code and URL Redirect Barcodes types.
It is recommended that you check the ’Enable SMS redemption’ box if you don’t have a store or location customers can visit.

Mobile Coupon - 04

Here is the summary page. This allows you to review all of the coupons settings before you save it.

Click ‘Finish’ when you are all done. A window will pop up asking you to ‘Confirm’, and upon confirming, the coupon will be available to view in the active coupons section if it’s start date is today’s date, or in the pending section if the start date is somewhere in the future.

Mobile Coupon - 05

After you click ‘Finish’, you will see this dialog box to confirm that you want to activate this coupon.

Your Mobile Coupon is ready to be sent to your list members.

Fone Shot - 01b
Fone Shot - 02
Fone Shot - 03
Fone Shot - 04

View the numbered pictures above in conjunction with the following description of how the coupon is redeemed:

  1. When the coupon is sent to a mobile user’s device, they will see this message and can click on the link provided
  2. which will take them to their coupon wallet. The coupon wallet is a collection of all the coupons they haven’t yet redeemed that have been sent to them via our short code 71441. These could be coupons from other businesses that happen to use our services as well. Once they redeem the coupon, it is gone from the wallet and therefore cannot be used again unless they are sent the same coupon again. The customer clicks ‘Redeem’ for the coupon they want to use. They will then be asked to supply a branch code if you had checked ‘Branch code required’. This page will tell them ‘Pressing “Redeem” activates the coupon and it will not be available for second use. Please ensure you are at your retailer’s checkout location’.
  3. Once they press ‘Redeem’, they will be taken to a page with the barcode (if you selected ‘Promotion code’ in the barcode drop-down menu, there will be no barcode) and the code number.
  4. The cashier may either enter the code number into the POS or scan the code directly from the phone.

Once you create your coupons, utilize them  to….

1. Use as an incentive to customers and clients to opt-in to your businesses list.

2. Send out a coupon to customers to drive business. For example, if Wednesday night is your slowest night at your restaurant, send out coupons to everyone on your opt-in list to help get people to the restaurant. “Hey, come on in tonight for half off appetizers!”

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