Part of the basic structure of your Call To Action is the keyword, that word or phrase that people will text to your shortcode.

You have 2 different types of keywords separated into 2 different tables, respectively: Custom \ Vanity Keywords and System Generated Keywords.

Custom \ Vanity Keywords are whatever combination of letters, numbers, and symbols you want (spaces and apostrophes excluded). They can be no more than 16 characters long. Refer to your pricing package to see how much you will be charged for each additional Custom \ Vanity Keyword. All accounts come with at least two (2) Custom \ Vanity Keywords.

From The Top:

NEW CUSTOM KEYWORD (Custom \ Vanity):  This is where you type in your Keyword of choice to see if it’s available. All Keywords are unique nationwide (or unique in Canada). Once you type in your choice and click the Check button, you will see a dialog that will tell you if the Keyword is available or if it’s already taken. If it’s available, click the Lease button and the Keyword will appear in the list.

KEYWORD:  The word or phrase (no spaces) that you chose as a keyword.

SHORT CODE:  You have two Short Codes to choose from: 71441 and 40691.
NOTE – If your Keyword is not available on 71441 then try choosing 40691 and search again! Keywords are unique nationwide based on Short Code, so you have two chances to get the Keyword of your choice.

LOCATION:  This refers to how you are using the Keyword in the system. You can use Keywords for Text Messages, Kiosk, Mobile Coupon or Landing Pages. This link will tell you what module this Keyword is being used in.

LEASE DATE:  The date you selected this Keyword.

STOP LEASE DATE: The Date you released this Keyword back to the system (where anyone in the nation can claim it if they would like to.

STATUS:  Whether this Keyword is currently being leased or released.

MONTHLY LEASE:  Click this link to stop the lease on this Keyword.

DELETE:  Delete this Keyword from your account.

Keywords - 01

Type in your choice of Keyword in the New Custom Keyword field, select the Short Code from the dropdown ( 71441 or 40691 ) then click the Check button.

A dialog will pop up and tell you if the Keyword is available or not. If it is available, click close on the dialog box and then click Lease to claim the Keyword.

Know that each account has at least two (2) Custom Keywords included. But if you need more (up to 10 per account) then you will be billed $2.00/month for each additional Keyword.

  • Be sure to request the keyword in your specific country by selecting from the drop-down menu at the top ‘71441-US’ for United States and ‘71441-Ca’ for Canada otherwise the keyword will not work in your country (this applies to both types of keywords).

Custom \ Vanity keywords can be up to 15 characters long.

Keywords - 02

System Generated Keywords are keywords that are randomly generated by the system.

They are free for all to use.

As you can see above, the keywords are often a combination of two letters and two numbers, for instance ‘qx73’.

Push the ‘Generate’ to generate a System Generated Keyword.

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