Mobile Text Auto Responders:

Normally, Auto Responders are associated with email. Two of the popular Email Auto Responders are Aweber and Constant Contact.


Now we have what I believe is a far better and more versatile Auto Responder for Text Messaging. This works well for businesses and organizations that have a need to communicate a series of messages as part of a membership or sale.


The Mobile Text Auto Responder allows you to create a series of messages using 5 of the included modules in the system.


As an example most of us are familiar with, you fill out a form with your name and email. You receive a free pdf or some other offer. A few days later you receive a ‘Welcome and Thank You message’ email. After a few more days you receive a sales letter email.


But those are all emails, some with links to product or service websites.
Our Auto Responder features sending Text Messages, Mobile Coupons, Landing Pages, Poll and a Questionnaire.


Review the below Tabs for more info on the steps you take to create the individual sections of the Auto Responder.


Also be aware that Auto Responders are not retrieved or sent out by Keyword, Auto Responders are sent to your opt-in list members.


To be clear, Auto Responders are normally setup at the same time or near the time an opt-in list is created. But you can create one at any time and apply it to any of your current opt-in lists.


And you will see in AR – Step 08, if you create an Auto Responder and attach it to a currently existing opt-in list, you can control whether all opt-in list members get the Auto Responder’s messages or just new opt-in list members after the Auto Responder is attached to an opt-in list.


So if you created a new keyword and a new contact record for the keyword which creates the Opt-in list. Then you can add a Auto Responder to the newly created opt-in list.


Now when a new person text your keyword to 71441 or 40691 (depending on how the opt-in was created ), that person will receive a welcome message from the Contact Record that introduces the opt-in list to the person that just joined.


Then at the preset date and time (set by you), the Auto Responder messages will start.
Each section of the Auto Responder has it’s own date and time preset to send or publish that section.


The Date & Time Preset is based on the date the List Member joined.


Ex.: John opts in to the list on Monday. John received the welcome message from the contact record seconds after texting the keyword.
The Auto Responder’s first section is set to go out One Day after John opted in to the list at 3:00 PM.


So the next day, John receives a text from the system at 3:00 PM.
Two days later John receives a Mobile Coupon at 9:30 AM.


Karen opts in to the list on Tuesday. She receives the welcome message from the Contact Record.
Wednesday, Karen receives a text from the system, etc.


The Auto Responder’s start date is the date the person opts in or if the Auto Responder is added to an opt-in list that has current members on it, you have the choice to allow everyone on the list to get the Auto Responder messages or just the new people joining from the date you add the Auto Responder to the opt-in list.


Auto Responders allow you to create a series of messages that will go out automatically at preset intervals, set by you, starting on the date the new person opts in to your list.

Auto Responder List Screen:

Starting from the top, we will describe all of the Columns and Fields on this screen.

CREATE NEW:  Creates a new Auto Responder.
AUTO RESPONDER ID:  This allows you to copy Auto Responders from the Admin or other user’s accounts.

Auto Responder - 01

ID:  System generated ID number.
NAME:  The name you give this Auto Responder.
Opt-In List:  The Opt-In List that this Auto Responder has been sent to.
DATE CREATED:  The date this Auto Responder was created.
EDIT:  Click this button to edit the Auto Responder.
COPY:  Create a new Auto Responder by copying an existing one. Then make the changes needed to the new version before sending it out.
DELETE:  Delete this Auto Responder.
PARTICIPANTS:  The number of List Members that received the Auto Responder.

Click the ‘Create New’ button to create a new Auto Responder or click the ‘Edit’ button to edit one of your existing Auto Responders.

(Remember that the question marks in the gray circle are the built-in help dialogs.)

Once you are inside of the Auto Responder Wizard, you will see the 5 modules that you can choose from to send out to your List Members.

Auto Responder - 02
  • Test Message
  • Mobile Coupon
  • Landing Page
  • Poll
  • Questionnaire

Know that you can create an Auto Responder that only contains Text Messages or one that sends Mobile Coupons. You don’t have to use all 5 modules at one time and you can use a module more than once in your Auto Responder.

For example: Create a Auto Responder that sends out two text messages and a Mobile Coupon the first week. Then have it send out a Poll and Landing Page the second week, month or a few days after the the Mobile Coupon was sent.

Pay attention to the Note under the module buttons. The system will not allow Auto Responders to be sent to List Members between the hours of 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM. Now this is a little weird but it also says that messages will be rescheduled for 8:00 AM.

What about 7:00 AM!? ( Needs more research )

As you can see in this graphic, we are starting off our Auto Responder with a Text Message. After clicking on the Text Message button, you get the section you see to the right.

Text messages here are the same as they are in the Text Message Module in the User Account Console, 160 characters = one page = one credit.

Auto Responder - 03b

Merge Tags are available and work the same as they do in the Text Message Module.

Check out the Expanded Date & Time Preset. Above the dropdowns is a message that says: ‘ Time from opt-in ‘.
Opt-In is when a person joins your list by texting your keyword to the shortcode ( 71441 or 40691 ). That would be the opt-in time.

The Date & Time Preset allows you to select any time frame from 1 minute to 24 Months to wait before you send the next section of the Auto Responder.

When you add another section to the Auto Responder, this new section’s start time is based on the last sections start time.

Now we add a Mobile Coupon to the Auto Responder by clicking on the Mobile Coupon button.

You select the Mobile Coupon that you are going to send out by clicking on the Select link. (Mobile Coupons are created in the Mobile Coupon Module on the User Account Console)

Auto Responder - 04

This section lets you add a text message before the Mobile Coupon link that will be sent out based on the Date & Time Preset.

Notice that above the Date & Time Preset is this label: Time from previous item

This means that the Mobile Coupon and pre-message sending time is based on the last section’s Date & Time Preset and when that message was sent.

In the next step we show you the Mobile Coupon Selection Dialog

After clicking on the Select link to choose a coupon, you will see this dialog.

If you have created any Mobile Coupons in your account, you will see them here in this dialog.

Auto Responder - 05

From the top:

DISPLAY BY:  You can list the Mobile Coupons by Name or ID.
COUPON STATUS:  Two Choices here – Active and Pending. Mobile Coupons have Start and End dates that defines when the Mobile Coupons are valid. Pending Coupons are are Coupons that will become valid at a future date. Active Coupons are Mobile Coupons that are valid now at the time you are looking at the list.

If you click on one of the Mobile Coupons in the dialog, you will see a preview of the coupon to the right of the Preview: label on the dialog.

Once you have chosen a Mobile Coupon in the list, click the Close link at the top-right of the dialog.

After you click close on the Mobile Coupon Selection, you get the screen to the right.

From The Top:

ID (or Coupon ID):  The system generated ID number for the Mobile Coupon.

Change / Remove:  Does what it says, you can change Mobile Coupons or remove it.

Auto Responder - 06

Add Text Before Coupon Message:  This is the text List Members will receive along with the link to the Mobile Coupon so people will know what the link is all about. So know that whatever the length of the message you type here, the shortened URL link to the Mobile Coupon will be added to that message.

When people click on the link, they will go to their Digital Wallet where the Mobil Coupons are stored. Each List Member has their own Digital Wallet that allows List Members to manage multiple Mobile Coupons.

After you choose when to send this Section of the Auto Responder using the Date & Time Preset, click Next at the bottom of the screen.

Here we added a Landing Page Section to the Auto Responder.

From The Top:

LANDING PAGE: Use this dropdown to select the Landing Page you want to send.

ADD TEXT BEFORE LANDING PAGE MESSAGE:  This is the text that describes the Landing Page link this section will send out.

Auto Responder - 07

TIME FROM PREVIOUS ITEM:  Date & Time Preset where you select the amount of time you want this section to wait after the prior section has been sent before this section goes out to your List Members.

Select your Landing Page of choice, enter the intro text message and select the time you want this to go out based on the time the prior section was sent out.

We at the final step of the process here.

From The Top:

Auto Responder - 08

AUTO RESPONDER NAME:  The name you give your Auto Responder that will appear in the Auto Responder List ( see AR – Step 01 ).

OPT-IN LIST:  The opt-in list this Auto Responder will be attached to and respond to when new people opt-in to the list.

APPLY TO ALREADY OPTED-IN NUMBERS:  Check this box if you attach this Auto Responder to an Opt-In List that already has List Members on it. Normally only the new people opting-in will get the Auto Responder messages, but if you check this box everyone who is currently opted-in to the list will get the Auto Responder messages as well.


Your Auto Responder is now ready to go.

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