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User Console
Text Message

Text Messages:

This is the heart of the system. Read More



Send out a Questionnaire for a True/False answer. Read More

Kiosk Builder

Kiosk Builder:

Collect new members to your groups or run a Loyalty Program like the Supermarkets. Read More.

Mobile Coupons

Mobile Coupons:

Send a Mobile Coupon to your members or customers. Read More.

Auto Responders

Auto Responders:

Use an Auto Responder with new memberships. Read More



One of the main elements of a Call To Action statement, keywords. Read More.

Mobile Websites

Mobile Website:

Your account comes with a Full Responsive Website and Builder. Read More.

Vehicle Listing

Vehicle Listing:

If you are an Auto Dealer, you will love this! Read More

QR Codes

QR Codes:

QR Codes are powerful and easy to use. Read More

Landing Pages

Landing Pages:

Mobile Flyers or Landing Pages are used just like regular flyers. Read More

Property Listing

Property Listing:

If you are a Realtor, you should like this. Read More

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt:

Create and run a Scavenger Hunt with your SMSAlaska account. Read More



Great for businesses that depend on people remembering their appointments and getting there on time. Read More

Text To Screen

Text To Screen:

Text To Screen allows you to have people all over the city or country text to your “Reader Board” of texts. Used at Birthday parties, clubs. Read More

Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled Tasks:

Some of the modules allow you to schedule a task for a later time. This is where you managed those tasks. Read More

Conduct A Poll

Conduct A Poll:

Setup a Poll for you or your members. Read More

Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes:

If your members have entered their birthday at the time they signed up, they will get a birthday greeting and maybe a coupon on there special day. Read More

Web Forms

Web Forms:

Use our Web Forms to recruit more people to your groups. Read More

Text To Win

Text To Win:

Run a Text To Win contest using Mobile Coupons for the rewards. Read More

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program:

Create a Loyalty Program like the supermarkets. Read More



Now you can receive text messages from your clients. Read More

Email Integration

Email Integration:

For users of Aweber and others, you can integrate SMSAlaska with those systems using the api key. Read More



MultiMedia System (or Stream) allows you to have graphics and text together.

Read More

Reconnect Facebook

Reconnect Facebook Posts:

Use this module to connect your text messages to Facebook. Read More

Contact Tab

Contact Tab:

This is where you marry keywords to Contact Records so the Keywords can be used in a campaign to collect Opt-Ins and send out messages to list members. Read More

Reconnect Twitter

Reconnect Twitter Posts:

Connect SMSAlaska to your Twitter account. Read More